The original company that is now Technical Office Solutions was founded in 1987 by a senior copier technician for a large NY office equipment dealership. We started in business with the idea of offering our service as a “reasonably priced, hi-tech alternative to dealer service.” Reasonably priced, because we run a highly efficient, low-overhead servicing business; hi-tech, because we employ senior level technicians only. No technical trainees or junior technicians, just senior level techs!

Today, we’re a well-established group; specializing in the maintenance and repair of copiers, printers, scanners and fax machines in both Queens and Nassau Counties, no more than fifteen (15) minutes north and south of the Long Island Expressway.

We started in business with the idea of offering ourselves as “a reasonably priced, hi-tech alternative to dealer service.” We still are!


Although we repeatedly state that we are staffed by “senior level technicians only,” we know that those words probably don’t mean very much to you. You’re probably thinking that for what your dealer is charging you for a service call, they better darn well be sending you senior technicians only. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

For the factory dealers, the senior technician is the team leader or field service supervisor. He is, generally, the only senior tech in his group and the only time you’ll ever see him is when the junior techs, (that do most of the everyday servicing,) can’t fix a certain problem or are out sick or are on vacation. In this way the dealers keep their payroll costs low. In fairness to dealerships everywhere, not all of them structure their service departments that way but most of the really large ones do.

Because of the type of company we are, we can’t afford to send you junior techs or technical trainees. We need to know that when one of our techs services your equipment it is done correctly and thoroughly the first time and we won’t have to send someone back a second time for the same problem at our expense.

Speaking as a group of guys who all started at the bottom, it is the higher salaries that we pay our senior techs that motivate them to do really good work, rather than just giving them a “title” that goes with their experience. If your wondering just how we can afford to pay senior technicians only and still charge more than 30% less than the dealers, it’s probably because you have no idea just how profitable the service end of this business really is.

A Warning And A Pledge:

As experienced as we are we can’t possibly service “every” make and model of copier, printer, scanner and fax machine… and we’ll be the first to admit that! Unfortunately, there are more than just a few advertisers to be found on the Internet (and some with very attractive and highly optimized web sites) who will falsely and brazenly claim that they or their technicians are qualified to service everything and….there’s no law against it!

A plumber or an electrician must first prove their education and experience in order to get a license to be in business. The office equipment industry does not require a license to be in business! With just a few years of training in the technical end of this industry ANYONE can invest in a fancy web site and “claim” to be able to “fix everything” to everyone who calls and…..there’s no law against it!

Even more insidious is the number of Internet advertisers, competing for your attention, who will “claim” that their techs are qualified to service your machine for the sole purpose of just getting anyone into your office, masquerading as a qualified technician, in an effort to try to convince you that it’s “not practical” to repair your equipment and that it would be “in your best interest” to buy or lease a new machine from them! In other words, they’re unable or unwilling to service your equipment and are attempting to turn a service call into a sales lead! But, aside from that pervasive practice being an insulting waste of your time …..there’s no law against it!

Unfortunately, these hustlers, and that’s just what they are, hurt honest independent service providers because every time they hustle a customer they drive them back into the waiting arms of the dealers who are now charging somewhere between $150 to as much as $195 for a one hour service call.

We pledge to you not to claim to be able to service any machine for which we are not willing and qualified to service!