In business since 1987 with SENIOR LEVEL TECHNICIANS ONLY, servicing Dell printers and multi-function printers for more than 30% less than the dealers!


We charge a flat rate of $95 to REPAIR Dell black & white printers and multi-function printers with the exception of those models shown in red for which we charge a flat rate of $105. We charge a flat rate of $115 to REPAIR Dell color printers. There is never a “travel charge” to or from your location and there is never an additional charge if we must return a second time with a part that we may not have had on the first visit. Providing that a Dell dealer is not charging more than MSRP on parts, we can only discount marginally on items such as rollers and switches. However, we are generally 20%-30% less than the dealers on such parts as fuser assemblies and intermediate transfer units.

We never ask nor expect to be paid until the repairs are fully completed!

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Listed below are those Dell printers that our technicians are proficient at servicing. You will not find the model numbers of the “A” series as we do not repair printers that use ink cartridges. You will not find the model numbers of any Dell monochrome units that retail for less than $300 or any Dell color units that retail for less than $450 as it is not practical to service them.

1100 1110
1125 1130 ,N
1133 1135N
1230C 1235CN
1250C 1320 ,C ,CN
1350 ,CNW 1355 ,CN ,CNW ,W
1600 ,N 1700 ,N ,PN
1710 ,N 1720 ,DN
1815 ,N ,DN ,MFP 2130CN
2135CN 2145 ,CN ,MFP
2150, CDN ,CN 2155 ,CDN ,CN
2230D 2330D ,DN
2335DN 2350 ,D ,DN
2355DN 3000CN
3010CN 3100CN
3110CN 3115CN
3130 ,CDN ,CN 3330DN
3333DN 3335DN
5100CN 5110CN
5130CDN 5210N
5230 ,DN ,N 5310N
5330DN 5350DN
5530DN 5535DN
5765DN 7130CDN
720 7330DN
920 922
924 926
942 944
946 962
964 966
968 ,W A720