In business since 1987 with SENIOR LEVEL TECHNICIANS ONLY, servicing HP printers & MFP’s (copiers) for more than 30% less than the HP dealers! 


For repairs on monochrome (B&W) HP printers we charge a flat labor rate of $95.00 with the exception of those models shown in red for which we charge a flat labor rate of $105. For repairs on Multi-Functional monochrome Printers (MFP’s or copiers) and all color printers, we charge $105.00 for the first hour or part thereof and $80 for each additional hour divided into quarters. There is never a “travel charge” to or from your location. If we must return a second time with a part that we didn’t have on our first visit and the service in not flat rate then we will only charge you for the total time spent repairing the machine during the two visits. We generally carry an impressive replacement  parts inventory in our service vehicles at all times! If we don’t have the part needed to repair your equipment on the first trip then 90% of the time we can have it drop-shipped to your location the very next day and at no extra service charge to you! We discount the price of replacement parts from those prices shown on HP’s own spare parts web site.

Our techs never try to “up sell.” If the repairs needed on your unit are not what our industry would consider “typical,” we’ll let you know over the phone beforehand! No surprises….ever!

We do not offer “carry-in” service. We go to you!

We never ask nor expect to be paid until the work is fully completed!

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Listed below are those Hewlett Packard (HP) LaserJet printer and LaserJet MFP models that our techs are proficient at servicing. You will not find the model numbers of the “DeskJet” series as we do not repair printers that use ink cartridges. We service a limited amount of the “DesignJet” models. Please inquire. You will not find the model numbers of any Black & White LaserJet printers which cost under $300.00 to purchase new or any Color LaserJet printers that cost under $500 to purchase new as it is not practical to repair them.

Laserjet B&W Series:
Laserjet 2100xi Laserjet 2200
Laserjet 2200d Laserjet 2200dn Laserjet 2200dse
Laserjet 2200dt Laserjet 2200dtn Laserjet 2300
Laserjet 2300d Laserjet 2300dn Laserjet 2300dtn
Laserjet 2300L Laserjet 2300n Laserjet 2420
Laserjet 2420d Laserjet 2420dn Laserjet 2430
Laserjet 2430dtn Laserjet 2430n Laserjet 2430tn
Laserjet 3015 Laserjet 3020 Laserjet 3030
Laserjet 3050 Laserjet 3052 Laserjet 3055
Laserjet 3100 Laserjet 3100se Laserjet 3100xi
Laserjet 3150 Laserjet 3150se Laserjet 3150XI
Laserjet 3200 Laserjet 3200m Laserjet 3200se
Laserjet 3300 Laserjet 3310 digital Laserjet 3320
Laserjet 3320n Laserjet 3330 Laserjet 3380
Laserjet 3390 Laserjet 3392 Laserjet 4
Laserjet 4 Plus Laserjet 4200 Laserjet 4200dtn
Laserjet 4200n Laserjet 4200tn Laserjet 4240n
Laserjet 4250 Laserjet 4250dtn Laserjet 4250dtnsl
Laserjet 4250n Laserjet 4250tn Laserjet 4300
Laserjet 4300dtn Laserjet 4300dtns Laserjet 4300dtnsl
Laserjet 4300n Laserjet 4300tn Laserjet 4345
Laserjet 4345mfp Laserjet 4345x Laserjet 4345xm MFP
Laserjet 4345xs MFP Laserjet 4350 Laserjet 4350dtn
Laserjet 4350dtnsl Laserjet 4350n Laserjet 4350tn
Laserjet 4L Laserjet 4m Laserjet 4m Plus
Laserjet 4ml Laserjet 4mp Laserjet 4mv
Laserjet 4P Laserjet 4v Laserjet 5 Series
Laserjet 5000 Laserjet 5100
Laserjet 5200dtn Laserjet 5200tn Laserjet 5L
Laserjet 5L Laserjet 5m
Laserjet 5mp Laserjet 5n Laserjet 5p
Laserjet 5se Laserjet 5si Laserjet 5si Mopier
Laserjet 5si mx Laserjet 6pxi Laserjet 6pse
Laserjet 6 Laserjet 6L Laserjet 6Lse
Laserjet 6Lxi Laserjet 6mp Laserjet 6p
Laserjet 8000 Laserjet 8050 Laserjet 8100
Laserjet 8150 Laserjet 9000 series Laserjet 9050 MFP
Laserjet M2727 MFP Series
Laserjet M3027x MFP Laserjet M3027 MFP Laserjet M3035 MFP
Laserjet M3035xs MFP Laserjet M4345 series
Laserjet P1505
Laserjet P1505n Laserjet P2015
Laserjet P2015d Laserjet P2015dn Laserjet P2015n
Laserjet P2015x
Laserjet P2055d Laserjet P2055dn Laserjet P2055x
Laserjet P3005 Laserjet P3005d Laserjet P3005dn
Laserjet P3005n Laserjet P3005x Laserjet P3010
Laserjet P3015 Laserjet P3015D Laserjet P3015DN
Laserjet P3015n Laserjet P3015X Laserjet P4014dn
Laserjet P4014n Laserjet P4015dn Laserjet P4015n
Laserjet P4015tn Laserjet P4015x Laserjet P4515n
Laserjet P4515tn Laserjet P4515x