In business since 1987 with SENIOR LEVEL TECHNICIANS only servicing Lexmark Printers & MFP’s (copiers) for more than 30% less than the dealers!


For REPAIRS on monochrome (B&W) Lexmark printers we charge a flat labor rate of $95.00 with the exception of monochrome Multi-Function Printers, (MFP’s, copiers) and color and Multi-Function color Printers for which we charge $105.00 for the first hour or part thereof and $80 for each additional hour divided into 15 minute intervals. There is never a “travel charge” to or from your location. If we must return a second time with a part that we didn’t have on the first visit then we will only charge you for the total time spent servicing the equipment during both visits. We carry an unusually large spare parts inventory in our service vehicles at all times! If we don’t have the part needed to repair your equipment on the first visit then 90% of the time we can have it dropped shipped to your location the very next day! We discount the price of parts which may need replacing from those prices shown on Lexmark’s own spare parts web site.

Our techs never try to “up sell!” If the repairs needed on your unit are not what our industry would consider “typical,” we’ll let you know over the phone beforehand! No surprises….ever!

We do not offer “drop-off” service. We go to you!

We never ask nor expect to be paid until the work is fully completed!

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Listed below are those Lexmark printer models that our techs are proficient at servicing. You will not find the model numbers of the P, Z, S, Pro series or Smart Jet series as we do not repair printers that use ink cartridges. You will not find the model numbers of any Lexmark printer which cost under $300.00 to buy new as it is not practical to repair them.


Optra E310 Optra E312 ,L
Optra E321, T Optra E323, N, T
Optra K, 1220 Optra L, L+, LX, LX+, LXI, LXI+, LXN+
Optra M410 , N Optra M412 ,N
Optra Plus Optra R, R+, R+ Pro, RN+, RT+, RX, RX+
Optra S1250 , N Optra S1255 ,N
Optra S1620 ,N Optra S1625 , N
Optra S1650 ,N Optra S1855 ,N
Optra S2420 ,N Optra S2450 ,N
Optra S2455 ,N Optra SC1275, N
Optra SE3455, N Optra T
Optra T610 ,N Optra T612 , N, V, VN
Optra T614 ,N,NL Optra T616 ,N
Optra W810 ,DN,N Optra W840, DN,


T420, D, DN T430, D, DN
T520, D, DN, N, SBE, SDN T522, DN, N
T620 ,DN,IN,N T622 ,DN,IN,N
T630, DN, N, NVE, VE, D, DT, TN, DTN, TNVE T632, DN, DTN, DTNF, N, TN
T642, DN, DTN, N, TN T644 ,DN,DTN,N,TN
T650, DN, DTN , N T652 ,DN ,DTN ,N
T654 ,DN ,DTN ,N W812 ,DTN,TN
W820 ,DN,N W850 ,DN ,N


X1110 X1130
X1140 X1150 Print Trio
X1155 X1160
X1170 X1185
X1190 X1195
X1240 X1270
X203N X204N
X215MFP X2230
X2240 X2250
X2300 X2310
X2350, AIO X2400
X2450 X2470
X2500 X2530
X2550 X2600
X264DN X2650
X2670 X2690
X3330 X3350
X340, N X3400
X342N X3470
X3530 X3550
X363DN, DW X364DN, DW
X3650 X422
X4250 X4270
X4530 X4550
X463DE X464DE
X4650 X466DE, DTE, DWE
X4690 X4850
X4875 X4950, VE
X4975 ,VE X500N MFP
X502N MFP X5070
X5075 X520
X5210 X522 ,S
X5250 X5260
X5270 X5320
X5340 X5410
X543DN X544 DN, DTN, DW, N
X5450 X546DTN
X5470 X548 ,DE ,DTE
X5495 X560N
X5650, ES X620E
X63 X630
X632 ,E,S X634DTE ,E
X642E X644, E