In business since 1987 with SENIOR LEVEL TECHNICIANS ONLY, servicing OCE copiers for more than 30% LESS than the factory dealers!

OCE is a Scandinavian equipment manufacturer. They first came into this country with large, high volume copiers (duplicators.) They sold mostly to the government and businesses and institutions that used them for hi-volume production. After they established themselves, they went after the general business market, but not with there machines. Instead they sold Sharp and Toshiba copiers with their name on them. Unless the OCE equipment that you have is a high volume duplicator then it is either a Sharp or Toshiba copier. OCE was recently bought over by CANON Corp.

We charge $105 for the first hour or part thereof to REPAIR a monochrome (B&W) copier or multi-function printer and $80 for each additional hour segmented in quarters. At this time we do not service Toshiba or Sharp’s line of color copiers or printers. There is never a travel charge to or from your location. There is never an additional charge if we must return a second time with a part that we may not have had on the first visit. We generally carry an impressive spare parts inventory in our service vehicles at all times.

Provided that the dealer is not charging you more then MSRP on parts, we can only save you marginally on such items as feed rollers, switches and sensors. However, we are generally 20-30% less than the dealer on those “high-ticket” items such as photo-receptors (copying drums,) developer, fuser parts and circuit boards. Contrary to the attitudes of most of the factory dealers and the stunts pulled by some independent service providers, our technicians will often go overboard when explaining, (in non-technical terms) the need for any parts that we claim need replacing. Also, if your willing to take the time to let us know what the problem is when you first call, we’re willing to give you a fairly good idea of what it will cost to repair the machine before we come.

We never ask nor expect to be paid for our work until the repairs are totally completed!

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