It has been our experience that many people are shocked when we tell them that the industry standard parts and service guarantee on new commercial-grade equipment is ninety (90) days, regardless as to whether they pay $2,000 or $20,000 for a machine.

If a dealer offers you a longer guarantee than ninety days it’s simply because they’re willing to go out on a limb in order to make the sale, but the manufacturers only cover the dealers for ninety days.

If you are currently involved with a lease agreement that includes “free” service and toner, then the subject of the warranty never came up.

If we sell you an off-lease piece of equipment, appropriate for your monthly usage, then we will give you a ninety (90) day parts and service guarantee.

If we know that your usage volume will be low for the type of equipment that we sell you, we’ll give you a six (6) months parts and service guarantee.

After that, we will maintain the equipment on a per-call basis or we will cover you with one of our all inclusive parts and service maintenance agreement.